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Transfer Personal Hollywood FX Transitions From Studio15 to Studio18

Transfer Personal Hollywood FX Transitions From Studio15 to Studio18 By Mick Bentley - Last updated on Friday, January 15, 2016
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Published on Saturday, January 16, 2016
Created on Sunday, January 3, 2016 4:30 PM

For Studio 18 to show transitions in its library the following 3 steps are required:

Step 1: The Transitions (HFX files) Must Be Installed in Hollywood FX Associated With Studio 18

The transitions (Hfx file) must be installed in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Pinnacle\Studio18\Content\HollywoodFX\Effects\***** (Where ***** = the same folder name as where it was originally created. This will be created automatically when the Transition created in Hollywood FX associated with Studio 15 is installed in Hollywood FX associated with Studio 18 (In the case of these notes the folder was called “Custom”).

Note : Hfx files cannot be directly copied from one location to another, the procedure to transfer the files is as follows:
This method is for when Studio 15 is still available either on the same PC as Studio 18 or on a separate but accessible PC, or where the Hfx have been exported to HFZ files and saved to a retrievable location (USB drive or DVD or CD) from a system no longer available.

To transfer the Hfx files to Hollywood FX associated with Studio 18 they first have to be exported to compressed HFZ files.
This is done using the Easy_FX editor which came with Studio15.
Before proceeding check that the Hfz works both in Studio15 and in the Easy_FX editor.
Make a note of which folder this Hfx is located in the editor (i.e. Custom or My files or something else). This is only for reference for later. As this folder name will be recreated automatically when the Hfx is imported into Studio 18.

Procedure to export a personal transition:

  • Open Easy_FX editor associated with Studio 15.
  • Locate and double click on the Hfx you want to export, it appears in the edit window.
  • Click on File/Export (in the dropdown menu in the Easy_FX editor).
  • Select a folder to save the compressed file to and click on Save.
  • Close Easy_FX editor.
Export a transition (HFZ file)



  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Open the folder where you have saved your HFZ file.
  • Double click on the HFZ file to install it into Hollywood FX.
  • This should install the transition into Hollywood FX associated with Studio 18.
Decompression of a transition (HFZ file)

If you get a message like the one on the right, you can change the source or click on Cancel and then OK (twice).

Studio Installation supplement
After cancelling out of the window and returning to the folder with your HFZ file you can install the file by the following method:
  • First locate the Studio 18 version of InstallHFZ.exe.
  • This should be in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Pinnacle\Studio18\Content\HollywoodFX.
Search InstallHFZ File associated with Studio 18

What you need to do is highlight your compressed HFZ file from where you saved it and drag and drop it on to the file named Install HFZ in the folder you located in the previous step.
You can do this by opening the window containing the HFZ file and also the window containing InstallHFZ.exe . Then dragging the HFZ file over to InstallHFZ in the second window.
When you highlight and drag the file over the file named Install HFZ you should see a tooltip saying “+ Open with InstallHFZ”
Release the mouse button to install the file into Hollywood FX associated with Studio 18.

Note: To avoid opening two windows, you can also create an InstallHFZ-S18 shortcut on your desktop and you drag the HFZ file on this shortcut.

Opening the HFZ file with InstallHFZ
You should see a screen similar to the one on the right:
  • Your Hfx file is now installed into Hollywood FX associated with Studio 18
  • Click OK to close
Decompression window of a HFZ file
Step 2: The XML Files Associated With Transitions Will Be Copied in the C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio18\plugins\HfxXML

The XML file associated with the transitions must be copied from its location in Studio 15 to the HfxXML folder accessible by Studio 18.
Copy the XML file from its location in : C:\Program files(x86)\Pinnacle\Studio 15\Plugins\RTFx\HfxXML and simply paste it into: C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio18\plugins\HfxXML\****** (Where ****** = a new folder created by the user e.g. “My FX”).
When steps 1 & 2 are complete you can go to the final stage.

Step 3: Refresh The Library

Open Windows Explorer and go to the directory where you have put your XML files from step 2. Next:

  • Leaving Windows Explorer open, now open Studio 18.
  • If you do not see your library with your new transitions appear then scroll through to locate in the library where your transitions have been put.
  • This should be a folder with the same name as the folder it was in under Hollywood FX associated with Studio 15 which you made a note of in step 1.
  • Hfx came from “Custom” folder under PS15 and are now in “Custom” folder in HFX Volume 1 folder in the transition tree.
  • You should see your Hfx transitions in this folder.
  • Leave the Studio18 library open and go back to Windows Explorer.
Location of personal transitions in Studio 18

Empty the trash. Send all the files in your XML folder to the trash. Icons will disappear from your Studio18 library. This may take about one minute depending on how many files you have there.

When action is complete open the trash basket and restores your XML files.
You should see the icons return to your Studio 18 library.
The transfer is now complete. Close all windows and restart Studio 18.

Deleting / Reinstalling XML files to reset the Studio 18 library

An almost identical procedure can be applied to transfer personal transitions from Studio 11/15 to Studio 16/19 and following... enlightened

{Tutorial compiled and adapted by Le Papy,Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

{Screen Captures were adapted with the help of Snagit 12 by TechSmith}

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