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Tuto-4 Organise your HFX effects

Tuto-4 Organise your HFX effects By Loosecannon - Last updated on Monday, March 7, 2011
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Category: Hollywood FX Tutorials / Basis  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Created on Thursday, November 15, 2007 7:58 AM
Any person that uses the information contained herein accepts all responsibility. I do not accept any liability for loss of data on your computer (you should always make regular backups !!).


Organise your FX effects

Goal of the lesson:To be able to manage HFX effects through copying, deleting, changing the category, etc...

This lesson can also be useful to gather the FX effects used without having to constantly search through the various categories. 

Step 1
  1. Launch Easy FX Editor from the Windows START menu (it may be under Pinnacle Hollywood FX 6.0 for Studio 11)

Access Easy FX Editor

Usually, it is advisable to open Easy FX Editor from Pinnacle Studio, but when it comes to organizing the effects, it is highly recommended to open Easy FX Editor through the menu (otherwise, there is a mixup while updating the transition categories.
Step 2 - Remove a transition
  1. Locate the category (directory) where you want to delete a transition and click on this category. If you followed the "Tuto-3 Prepare the saving of HFX effects", it is likely that you have a directory called Perso where you have one or more effects to remove. Right-clicking on the effect that you wish to to remove brings up the contextual menu that asks you what action to take (Rename, Cut, Copy, Delete etc.)


    Deleting an Hollywood FX effect


You could have also 'Rename', 'Copy' or 'Paste' in a different category (it's like any Windows software, with copy/paste). Note that when you delete the directory Perso, you will not lose any of the effects that you copied in there from the previous lesson because you had just copied transitions from others directories into Perso. So, in this case, only the copy is deleted. Be careful not to accidentally delete a transition provided in a default directory!... If you delete all transitions in a category, do not forget to delete this category as well (see step 4). Otherwise, you may have problem in displaying this category in the future.
Step 3 - Recategorize the transitions
As indicated at the beginning it may be helpful to group the transitions into different personal categories so as not to have look for them in many different folders each time you need them when editing a movie. To do so, create the directory/ies wanted as described in step 2 of Lesson 3-Preparing a backup FX effect.

Then, there are several options for consolidating your transitions:


  1. Either do a 'cut a transition that already exists  (by right clicking copy/paste) .
  1.  Or via "drag and drop"
Copy an Hollywood FX effect

  1. In a very short time, your transitions and FX are organized  into a single directory where you can find your most commonly used or favourite transitions

    No more tedious searching!

Easy FX Editor - create copy paste HFX effects

Step 4 - Removing a category 

  1. We have already seen how to create a directory (category), how to add and remove effects, now let's see how to delete a category. The only rule, is to ensure that there is an' empty 'directory in advance. For example, to erase the category Perso, you must first delete all the transitions that are present in the Perso folder. Then, simply right-clicking on the category in question allows you to delete the category using the contextual menu.
Delete an HFX category


It might be worth noting that one can rename a category or folder in a similar manner.
Step 5

By closing Easy FX Editor (File> Close), you should see your changes made in Pinnacle Studio (under HFX transitions).

If that does not happen, do not panic! Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that Pinnacle Studio & Easy FX Editor get mixed up ... Just review  "Install our free HFX transitions in Pinnacle Studio 9-15" to fix the problem

And you are done!

Translated by Markk655 and Loosecannon.

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Anke By # Anke @ Sunday, March 8, 2009 6:13 AM
As far as I tried, only Free or Standard Transitions will appear in a new category in Studio.
If so, some of the examples shown in Step 3 ("PLS-2 Fly By n Bars" or "PRO-48 Hours 1") will never appear in Studio this way - is this correct?

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, March 8, 2009 12:13 PM
Hello Anke,

Nope, this is not correct. As described and displayed in Step 3, you should also be able to move ANY transition in ANY category (any personnel folder or already existing folder). If not, could you describe which kind of problem you encounter ? Any error message ? Are you sure that you have Easy FX Editor enables (Easy Creator key) ?


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