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Tip-5 Using transition #201

Tip-5 Using transition #201 By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Published on Sunday, September 30, 2007
Created on Thursday, December 6, 2007 7:39 AM

Suggestion on how to use the "Transition" 201-PIP_Inverse

Want to simulate a shoot made with two cameras? This little tutorial can help you to achieve this.

Final result :

Step 1 :

Start Pinnacle Studio and look for the charming Smile (if you have Studio 9), the rotating Pinnacle logo (if you have Studio 10), or the lovely Eye (if you have Studio 11).

Step 2 :

Insert two identical clips of any duration (the length of the effect will be the same as the duration of one clip). Here we used the third clip of the Pinnacle Clowns.mpg demo. If you do not possess the demo video distributed with older Studio version, you can download it (courtesy of AVID) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As).

Insertion of two clips on Studio timeline

Step 3 :

Insert the "Transition" 201-PIP_Inverse.

Insertion of an HFX transition

The duration of the effect must match with the clip: stretch the effect completely to the right so it gets fully applied to the clip.

You get this ....HFX transition recovering the whole shootage

Step 4 :

Remove the Soundtrack of the 2nd clip to avoid any sound overlay issue.

  1. Stretch the Timeline until you can see the 2nd clip.
streching the timeline
  1. Lock the Main video so only it's related Soundtrack is removed (click on the little track-locking button along the right edge of the Movie Window in Timeline view).
Lock main video
  1. Select the Soundtrack of the 2nd clip.
selecting the soundtrack
  1. Right click the audio and choose 'Delete'.
deleting the soundtrack


You get this : Final result

  1. Unlock the Main video track (click again on the track-locking button you just used before).
Step 5 :

Render this effect as a Video file. You will use it as plug-in in your main project. You might need to remove afew frames located at the beginning/end of the file where the overlay window is missing.

Now it's all done!

Want to locate the overlay window somewhere else? We look forward to publishing a tutorial "Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX" to covering this aspect...

{translation by Remy Fehlmann - Article by Le Papy - fine tuning by Loosecannon}

Note for advanced users: you can achieve the same result by applying this transition as a "plugin" to your video. In such a case, you need to render the second video (the PIP).

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jrwhart By # jrwhart @ Tuesday, May 27, 2008 5:33 AM
This is great, can be modified to get some great effects, thank you

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