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Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX

Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX By Le Papy - Last updated on Monday, March 28, 2011
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Published on Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Created on Saturday, March 1, 2008 6:03 AM

So you downloaded the transition 201-pip-inverse and now you would like to modify it.  It is very easy and in this tutorial, we'll show you how!

If you have Easy FX Editor (V5 or V6) with the HFX Mega, Plus, Pro, follow this little tutorial, and your item will be moved in two steps and three movements! Otherwise you will need to purchase an activation key "HFX Creator" (available at the Pinnacle e-Store). You will then be able to view and edit effects using HFX components.

Step 1:

Open Pinnacle Studio.

Step 2:

In the "Tip-5 Using transition #201" on the 201-pip-inverse transition, I used the default Clowns.mpg (scene No. 3). If you do not possess the demo video distributed with older Studio version, you can download it (courtesy of AVID) in the "Associated Links" section of this page below (right click / Save Target As). This was not a random choice because the result was as follows:

Using a PIP effect  

But if I had chosen the No. 4 scene, I would have this, which wouldn't have been as good. So this time using the No. 4 scene…

Using a PIP effet. The frame must be moved

Step 3:
  1. Insert 2 identical video scenes (the duration of the final effect will be equal to the duration of a scene) so as to achieve this result:

The timeline of Studio

  1. Insert the "transition" 201-pip-inverse.

Insertion of the effect on the timeline

  1. If you want the effect to take place over the entire duration of the scene, check "Tip-5 Using transition #201" of the 201-pip-inverse transition.
Step 4:

We shall now proceed to change the effect In Studio,: Double click on the transition 201-pip-inverse that you placed on the time line in order to edit it.

The effect editing in Studio

  1. Click on "Edit" to enter the Easy FX Editor. You should get something like this (depending on your options). For the moment, only zones 1 and 2 are of interest to us.

The user interface HFX

  1. In Area 1, you select the first item to move "Cadre" (frame)…

Tree effect HFX And in zone 2, you select "Move" (Deplacer)button. The "Move" button in the user interface

  1. You move the frame by dragging with the mouse (hold down the left button) to the desired location.

Moving the frame

  1. If you repeat steps 3 and 4 with the subject "Vidéo inversée" (mirror video). You get this:

Moving the inverted image


Step 5 :
You now need to save your work and return to Studio. At the bottom of the screen to the right, you click OK. Your changes will be saved in Studio. Backing the amendment to effect
In Studio, you move the cursor over the transition and… Viewing the effect on the timeline

The desired result is displayed in the player window!

The final result

Nevertheless,you may not be completely satisfied because this is still a bit large and masks part of a her hair. So the next time we will learn to resize an object, we promise!

Well, I told you it was easy…

{Thanks to markk655 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who cross-checked it}

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