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Tutorial-14 Change the Size of an Object

Tutorial-14 Change the Size of an Object By Le Papy - Last updated on Friday, April 12, 2013
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Category: Hollywood FX Tutorials / Examples  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Monday, October 6, 2008
Created on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 12:47 AM

The transition at your disposal requires some minor adjustments... Don't hesitate to make the modifications, it isn't difficult! If you have Easy FX Editor (V5 or V6) with the HFX Mega, Plus or Pro version, follow this short tutorial and the size of the selected object will be updated in just a few steps!

Otherwise you will need to purchase an activation key "HFX Creator" (available on e-Store Pinnacle). It will then be possible for you to view and edit HFX effects components.

Step 1 : Open Studio

Open Pinnacle Studio and let yourself be dazzled by the charming smile (Studio 9), or look carefully at the Pinnacle logo (Studio 10), but do not be distracted by the seductive eye in Studio 11. Finally with Studio 12, you'll hardly have time to breathe.

Step 2 : Recall

In the "Tuto-9 Change the position of an object in a HFX" tutorial we moved the scope and content of this video from the bottom right of the screen to the top left.

PIP window is masking
            the face of the woman But remember, part of her beautiful hair was hidden ... PIP window
            is still too big
Step 3 : Insert the clips
  1. Insert 2 identical video scenes (regardless of the duration - the duration of the final effect will be equal to the length of a scene) and insert the"201-pip-Inverse" transition to get this result.

Pinnacle Studio Timeline

  1. If you want the effect to takes place over the duration of the clip, please refer to "Tip-5 Using transition #201"
Step 4 : Open Easy FX Editor

We will now proceed to modify the effect:

  1. In Studio, double click the 201-pip-Inverse transition that you have already placed on the timeline for editing.

Editing an
HFX effect

  1. Click on "Edit" to open the Easy FX Editor. You should see the screen below (depending on your options). For now, only zones 1 and 2 interest us.


Step 5 : Modification of the HFX Effect
  1. In Zone 1, you select the first object to resize. We choose the reversed video (video inverse in the picture), it's easier ...


HFX tree manager

In zone 2, select "Resize".

Resizing an HFX or
            video host
  1. Resize the reversed video with the mouse (left click) to the desired size. Please note, the setting is quite delicate, your mouse movements must be small. Moreover be patient and wait until your processor recalculates everything before changing to yet another size.
    • If you move your mouse close to you, the size of the object shrinks.
    • If you move the mouse away from you, the size of your object gets larger.

Finally... you try to get to this point

Resizing the video

If the mouse movements are too sensitive, try this…

  1. In Zone 3, move the cursor to the right to see the "Resize" (Redimmensionner) section. You see that our current picture is reversed in 0200 to X, Y and Z.

control for the reversed image


Try to change the three 0.200 by 0.100. How?

  1. You can move the cursor to "a" but again the settings for the mouse are very sensitive...

I would suggest you click in the "b" area and in each section (x,y,z) replace the 0.200 with 0.100.

For your change to take effect, it is important that you click in another field ("Enter" does not work as you might think it would - Easy FX Editor V5 only). So you click X, you change X, you click in Y, you change Y, you click in Z, you change Z and you click again in X to initiate your last change of Z. It takes a little longer but we gain in precision.

  1. Depending on your preferences, you re-do the operations of item 2 above (work with the mouse) or the operations of paragraphs 3 and 4 above (with the values of parameters, in which case you replace 0.534 by 0.240). Then you get this:

Positionning the
inversed video into the frame

If you find that the inverted image is not centered in the frame, you can move it within the frame ... You can also move the two objects, a little more to the right ... or to the top left ...
Now you know how to do it, right? If not, see the tutorial "Tuto-9 Change the position of an object." and refresh your memory ...
I will move the two objects a little more to the right to show the final result.

Step 6 : Saving & Previewing

You must now save your work and return to Studio. At the bottom of the screen on the right, you click OK. Your changes will be saved in your Studio project.

Saving the effect
            modification In Studio, place the cursor on the transition and… Effect visualisation

The final result is shown in the Preview window!

Final result - Easy FX Editor /
Resize an object

See, I told you it wasn't that difficult…

Now that you know how to resize and move an object, you can tailor many effects to your personal needs. But Hollywood FX allows you to do much more.

{Thanks to markk655 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who cross-checked it}

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