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Tuto-3 Prepare the saving of HFX effects

Tuto-3 Prepare the saving of HFX effects By Markk655 - Last updated on Monday, March 7, 2011
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Category: Hollywood FX Tutorials / Basis  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Created on Thursday, September 6, 2007 9:12 AM
Any user that acts upon the advice presented here accepts all of the responsibility for their actions. I accept no liability for any loss of data on your computer (you should always make regular backups !).

Goal of this lesson: Learn how to change the default HFX witout saving over the original file..


  • Tuto-2 General tutorial / Easy FX Editor
  • Tuto-1 Files with .HFZ extension
  • Tip-1 HFX effects do not appear in Studio

Note - To save any HFX using Easy FX Editor you will need a version beyond Easy FX Editor Basic Edition.
Often you will begin to work in Easy FX Editor with the existing FX effects and then modify them for your video. In order to avoid modifying the default effect, it is imperative to save the effect at the beginning of your work in an appropriate directory and rename the effect. This gives you a chance to work on the effect at your leisure, without changing the default effect.  This requires you to:

  • create a  working folder (required just once)
  • and save the effect in this folder.

The following advice should be consistently applied every time you work with Easy Editor FX and FX effect by default.

Step 1

  1. Open Pinnacle Studio
  2. Add 2 video sequences anywhere in the timeline.
  3. Insert an existing, default HFX effect  (such as that found in the category HFX Flying Windows or BAS-Dive Off) by dragging it to the timeline.


  1. Doubleclick on the effect to display the monitor screen and click "Edit". Incidentally, note the little box 'Reverse (EN) {Inverser (FR)  in the screenshot'} which allows you to reverse the HFX effect.

    In some cases it is very convenient to reverse an effect without having to rework it.


Step 2

  1. Create a new folder {Nouveau Dossier in the French screenshot} in the panel of folders from the album (bottom right of screen); right-click on the word 'FX' situated directly above the folder tree and then on "New Folder".

  1. A new folder is created.  Just type the name of the file (the name that appears in Pinnacle Studio, in the categories of special effects). For this example, enter the name of the folder (eg. Perso) and press the "ENTER" key.


Our folder is now created!  Once this step is complete, it does not need to be done again.

Step 3

  1. All that remains to do is save the effect. To do this, select in the File menu "Save as...". In the dialogue box that opens, type the name of the effect you want to save. For example, use the word Diving (similar to the default transition name "Dive Off"). And now, the default effect is listed in your personal folder (Perso) under the name of your choice - Diving. It will also be named in the list of transitions under the proposed Pinnacle Studio (Perso folder). We will use it in Step 4.

  1. The icon (blue) is a preview of the image 'proxy' that appears in the preview window (proxy = simulation video tracks 1 & 2 using still images). To gain additional understanding of how the icon is generated move the cursor along the timeline (for example, for three quarters of the total time)., Then, repeat the folder registration step (Step 3 only)

  1. Select File> Save As, name the effect Diving {Plongee in French screenshot} Bis. You should get something like this (if this is not the case, remember that you have to click on the "yellow icon" to switch the mode to folder tree above the album & panel).

Note that if you do File> Export HFZ ... You simply export your effect in hfz format (refer to the "Install our free HFX transitions in Pinnacle Studio 9-15")?

If you have done several tests, and you have the effects that you would like to erase, do not panic, the next lesson will show you how to "Tuto-4 Organise your HFX effects"

In order to have a clear idea of what the transition looks like when you want to reuse it, the cursor should be positioned further along the timeline (such as 3/4 of the way). In that way, the icon represents a specific part of the transition..

Step 4

  1. At present, the effect can be changed at will. By default the effect will not be affected by your changes. By closing Easy FX Editor (File> Close), we return to the Pinnacle Studio screen that we started from. You can check the proper registration of two effects from the drop-down menu:


The lesson is over. It  is one of the most important ones because you need to repeat these operations relatively frequently. Note that it is not necessary to re-create the folder Perso every time. However, it is necessary complete Step 3, click on the folder Perso (or your personal folder name) before selecting File> Save As to save your effect in the right place.

ATTENTION: Easy Editor FX and Pinnacle Studio act up from time to time, so if you can not find your effects in the list of categories, try to close Pinnacle Studio and then open it again. If that's not enough, follow "Install our free HFX transitions in Pinnacle Studio 9-15"

Step 5 - BONUS!

Since you have followed along so far, here is a BONUS step to help illustrate the power of Easy FX Editor and Pinnacle Studio ! Back at the end of Step 4 (double click on the effect in Pinnacle Studio and Edit), in the panel properties, there is a base option called Rotation trajectory and rotation of the object. If these options do not appear in the properties panel, select the word 'Diving BIS (by clicking on it) in the tree FX.

  1. Click in the hard gray 'rotation trajectory' {Rotation de la trajectoire in french screen capture} to bring the needle to a value of 45 (note that if you choose to manually enter the value in the appropriate box, you must immediately click in another box so that the application takes the input value.) Check the box 'rotation of the object.

Compare the effect with the "rotation of object" box unchecked.  Doing so will illustrate the power and possibilities of using Pinnacle Studio and Easy FX Editor together as a simple and effective solution to create novel effects.  This is only the beginning!


For those who have not followed along or did not feel like bothering to read it all, you can download the corresponding hfz file: 210-plongée45 / 210-plongée-45rot

To use files hfz, please refer to the Tuto-1 Files with .HFZ extension

And voilà, it's all done!

{Thanks to markk655 who translated this tutorial from french to english, Loosecannon who cross-checked it}

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martin By # martin @ Friday, December 5, 2008 8:49 PM
solo quiero decirles Gracias por el esfuerzo que hacen para poder hacer estos tutoriales

Déclic Vidéo FX By # Déclic Vidéo FX @ Sunday, December 7, 2008 3:15 AM
Hello martin,

If I correctly understood your message in spanish, it's something like "I just want to say thanks for the effort you do to make these tutorials".
So, just to let you know that we appreciate a lot this kind of comments. It help us to continue making tutorials for people who love them and are interested in it.
Have a nice day,

Brenda By # Brenda @ Saturday, April 4, 2009 7:54 AM
Thank you for your efforts. This is exactly what I have been looking for to help me understand how to create my own effects.

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