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proDAD Heroglyph installation - registration

proDAD Heroglyph installation - registration By Déclic Vidéo FX - Last updated on Sunday, October 24, 2010
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Published on Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Created on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:13 AM
Software registration

Two specific cases, depending of the purchase: directly with proDAD or reseller (version to be used as standalone for any video editing software excepted Studio plugin), or through Pinnacle Shop (Bonus Content DVD or download - version to be used as Studio plugin, but not as standalone or any other NLE)

With proDAD / dealer:
Purchased from proDAD or any other reseller, Heroglyph is registered directly through proDAD:

  • Secure Shopping on the Web
  • You receive an installation key and a direct link to download Heroglyph.exe (~ 35 MB)
  • Following the installation, enter your key to send appropriate information (if you do not have internet connection on the PC where you install Heroglyph, you can print and fax the form. This is mandatory to unlock the software - you have 30 days to request the unlock).
  • Finally, you receive an executable file and/or licence.mtkey (to be placed in the same directory than Heroglyph).
  • You can use your software as a standalone application, or as any plugin for usual video editing software (excepted Pinnacle Studio - For Studio, consult the second part).

Installation and registration - V2.5

Winzip file

Click Setup and extraction of the file will automatically begin.

Welcome screen for installation

The installation procedure can start.

Licence agreement

By accepting the license terms.

Folder location for proDAD Heroglyph

By choosing where you want to install this program (by default in C: / )

Check the box for corresponding video software

By checking the case(s) corresponding to non linear video editing software installed on your PC.

Are you ready to perform the install process ?

and clicking on "start the installation process."

Installation is finished, you can launch Heroglyph

After a few minutes, the installation is complete and you can launch Heroglyph !

proDAD Heroglyph: Warning, your licence is due to expire soon !

This message will appear when launching Heroglyph the first time, informing you that your license expires in 30 days.You must register your product by clicking on "register".

PID code to be sent to proDAD

This window gives you the PID code that you must send to proDAD

Form to be filled to receive your unlock key

In this new window, enter your personal data and the registration number (registration code), you will find it either in the manual or in the confirmation e-mail if you purchased the product on proDAD website.

Method for sending the data

Here, we must choose how you want to send your license details. The most convenient is by mail. But if you do not have any internet connection on the computer you are installing proDAD products, you can choose to print the form and send it by fax. You can also save it as a text file, and send it to proDAD using another computer (transfer the text file on a USB key to another computer). WARNING: strictly follow one of this procedure to ensure a smooth delivery of your licence, otherwise you might expect some delays...

At the end, you will receive an executable file that installs the license, or a licence .mtkey file (to be placed in the same directory than Heroglyph). You can use your software now licensed. Enjoy !...

Pinnacle Studio purchase

1. Heroglyph V2.0

The purchase of the original plugin must be done through Pinnacle Shop (first by installing DVD Bonus Content then purchase the key to Pinnacle Shop or through Studio):

or Pinnacle treasure chest


  • You receive the activation key for Pinnacle Studio (enter it >> Help - Enter key activation)
  • You can use your software and through Studio (plugin) - but not as a standalone product or as a plugin of another non linear video editing product

2. Heroglyph V2.5 or V2.6 or update/upgrade

Purchase of V2.5 is similar to paragraph 1 explained above.
The purchase of any update Heroglyph V1.x or V2.0 -> V2.5 update the plugin to V2.5/2.6, provided that the adequate Pinnacle plug-in is already functionnal and unlocked through Pinnacle.

3. Heroglyph - Updates/Upgrades

You have two kind of update/upgrade:

  • free updates which are minor modifications (in general, bug correction) - see our download page
  • Major upgrade which enhance the possibility of the software, by bringing additionnal features and/or functions. Those upgrade can be purchased with any reseller (not only Pinnacle), sometime with interessant discount ! As soon as you own an unlock plugin, upgrade can be purchased with proDAD or one of their reseller/dealer. In addition, "Creative Pack" also exists, to add specific effects.

Experiment and enjoy yourself!

{Thanks to Kiwi for the help in migrating the tutorial from the old website to the new one}

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