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Heroglyph - General idea

Heroglyph - General idea By Déclic Vidéo FX - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Published on Saturday, December 20, 2008
Created on Monday, November 17, 2008 1:55 PM

Heroglyph has many plugins for non linear video editing software: Adobe Premiere, Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, Sony Movie Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Avid Liquid Edition, Avid Xpress, Ulead MediaStudio, Thomson Grass Valley Canopus Edius, Let's Edit.

For Pinnacle Studio, there are two “options”: stand alone version aka SAL, or Pinnacle Studio plugin.

Two versions are currently available, an “advanced” version (complete software) and a light version called “RAPID”. Current version is available in the english language as well as french/german/italian and spanish.

  • Stand alone version: you work in the stand alone version and use the full power of the software (text, title, route, objects and movements, etc…). At the end, you export the whole assembly in the desired format and import it into your favorite non linear video editing software.
  • Plugin version (with Pinnacle Studio or any other software of video edition) : you work as you are used to. A little bit easier to use for beginners, but as explained by some experts, a little bit less flexible.
Current version
  • Upgrade to version 2.5.x (from an older V1.x) by paying a small fee.
  • Upgrade from version 2.5.x to version 2.6.x is free and available on our usual proDAD download page. V 2.5/2.6 is a major evolution.
Major improvements to Heroglyph V2.5/V2.6 compared to V2.0:
  • In general, reduction in the number of mouse clicks to arrive at a similar result for beginners, contextual help adapted to each situation. In summary, for professionals as well as beginners, it's easier to find their way.
  • New wizard for slide show: management of pictures (pan & zoom) and enhancement with movies (added effects and 3D effects). All can be combined with these slideshow effects, routing of text, map route, multivision, etc…
  • Route - routing of text: global improvement (like the addition of  “pauses” to facilitate the start from the preceding point of road); it is necessary to know V2 to better understand how big an improvement this is!
  • Ability for manuscript writing
  • Many new preset projects for weddings, holidays, text around a sphere, etc…
  • New templates for the effects and the routes (design for itineraries)
  • Mirror effect for the pictures, objects as well as movies/videos and text objects
  • Better keyframe timing system to set the various parameters for each layer.
  • User interface redesigned to increase the visualization space
Creative Pack

Creative Pack has several advantages, which allow you to define new complex project in just a few clicks and to adapt it to your needs. Creative Pack #2 offers even more: objects like caravan, motorbike, cars, trains, boats and buses but also navigations symbols; nice slide show examples, handwriting.

Creative Pack Volume 2 - examples

Heroglyph Creative Pack Volume 2 - Route

Creative Pack #1 contains templates (model composites) of routes, text, images with video, etc… Topics are: Continent (for journey and trips), multivision walls of images, credits film - end beginning -, titles, seasons specific holidays titles and themes, report and news, etc…

Heroglyph Creative pack Volume 1 - Project Template

Various examples are available on our Heroglyph - Creative Pack webpage.

What can you do with Heroglyph

Even with all the explanations above, you might still be wondering what you can do with proDAD Heroglyph... So, watch the following movie, which will give you a small overview of the software. Everything presented below has been done using proDAD Heroglyph (more than 300 template applications are available: animated itineraries, handwriting, 3D video walls, text including video-graphic-photo textures, auto-animated text rolls like "Star Wars", text jitter and randomization, multiwindows with countless video and photo sources, videowalls in 3D space, flying PiPs (picture-in-picture), wandering (animated) symbols on routes or paths, text on path, film-trailer, ...). More videos are available on our Heroglyph page.


Heroglyph V2.x interface


Enhancements to Heroglyph interface

Choosing the right Heroglyph 2.x version (RAPID or full version)

Before making a decision (option: RAPID or advanced/full) feel free to download the software for 90 days trial period (exclusively with Declic Video FX - free for 90 days, and fully working version):

Heroglyph RAPID or full version

Specific information for Pinnacle Studio owners
    1. If you already own the Heroglyph V2.0 plugin for Studio (available in Pinnacle Studio - without watermark), the purchase of any Heroglyph version will update your plugin to the latest version. No need to pay again at the Pinnacle shop for plug-in, it will be integrated into your new purchase.
    2. If you do not have the Heroglyph plugin for Studio and you wish to buy it, drop by the Pinnacle shop. The software is also available on Bonus Content DVD, in demo version or on our download page - Heroglyph for Pinnacle; i.e. that a watermark appears on all clips. To unlock the software - remove the watermark - just buy the key at Pinnacle via the Pinnacle Shop or directly inside Pinnacle Studio software (small key "unlock software"):

unlock plugin


Take note that if the plugin does not appear, it should be installed (see step b above, either using Bonus Content DVD or through our download page / Heroglyph for Studio). Then, the purchase of any Heroglyph version will upgrade your plugin to the latest version. Take note that Bonus Content DVD only contains the "RAPID" version.

Owners of non linear video editing software other than Pinnacle Studio do not have to worry about details mentioned here concerning Studio plugin (others plugin are integrated into the software). So, for Pinnacle Studio, here is the summary:


  1. You do not have any Heroglyph version on your computer
    In this case, choose Heroglyph RAPID (easier to use for a beginner). For Studio plugin, buy it at the Pinnacle Shop.
  2. You already own Heroglyph V2.0 (without Pinnacle Studio plugin)
    1. UPGRADE: in this case, buy the Heroglyph upgrade (RAPID ou non). If you did not have Heroglyph plugin in Studio, it won't be present either (see point 1. above)
  3. You already own Heroglyph V2.5 full version (without Pinnacle Studio plugin)
    1. UPGRADE: by downloading the latest free upgrade on our website
    2. If you also want Pinnacle Studio plugin, check item 1 above
  4. You already own Heroglyph V2.6 full version (without Pinnacle Studio plugin):
    1. Everything is fine, you are up to date! If you want Pinnacle plugin, check step 1 above.
  5. You already own Heroglyph V2.0 with Studio Plugin:
    1. It does not work as a standalone.
    2. UPGRADE: in this case, you need to buy Heroglyph V2.6 upgrade, specific for Pinnacle Studio, which will upgrade your version to 2.6 AND standalone version.
  6. You already own Heroglyph V2.5 as Studio Plugin :
    1. UPGRADE: by downloading the latest free upgrade on our website
  7. You already own Heroglyph V2.6 as Studio Plugin :
    1. Everything is fine !! Enjoy your software...

In all cases, do not forget to have a look to our special webpage
for specific discount and rebate for proDAD Heroglyph

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