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Make a 3D Title Play Hide and Seek

Make a 3D Title Play Hide and Seek By Le Papy - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Published on Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Created on Sunday, January 4, 2009 9:08 AM

Recently, I saw a video clip that had a 3D title moving between several tall buildings. I'll admit that it didn't look easy ... so I wondered if I could manage to have the title move between two catamarans tossed about by the sea and pushed by a gentle breeze, which would make it an even more difficult challenge. After some trial and error, I managed to do this:

So if you want to know how it's made, just follow the steps below

Step 1 : Basic Setup

Of course, I used my favorite software, "Hollywood FX" to attempt this exercise. To begin with, I looked in my archives for a free image of a seascape with a catamaran. Between you and me, you don't have this constraint, and I saw some beautiful photos on the Internet that would lend themselves very well to this operation ...

Then, with my favorite photo retouching software, I selected out the catamaran and filled in the void that was left, using the different tools available in the retouching software. Then I duplicated the catamaran and made a few changes to it so it does not look exactly like the original. Now I have the three images you see below which I will use to create my HFX effect. These images were saved in the .PNG format which can be used by "Hollywood FX". In addition, this format will save the transparency (shown here by a checkered background).

The background of the HFX effect The 66 catamaran The 12 catamaran

As you can see, the result is not perfect on the background image. But when everything is in place, the imperfections will not be noticeable ...

If you can't find anything better, you can download the 3 images in the file "Titre-3D.zip" available in the « Associated Link(s) » section below.

Step 2 : The Objects for the HFX effect

For more information, please see our tutorials "Tuto-2 General tutorial / Easy FX Editor" and "Tuto-3 Prepare the saving of HFX effects".

We can now proceed to create the HFX effect. Open the "Easy FX Editor" and use the menu option "File /New",  to create a new effect.

After creating your new effect, add 3 simple objects "Back2". The FX tree should look like this.

The first object contains the background picture.

The second and third objects contain the pictures of the two catamarans.
Tree Hfx with 3 items that will support the 3 images

Since the 2 catamarans will move at the same speed, you can control these two objects using the same parent object. Create a null object and link the two objects that contain the catamarans to this null object by dragging each of them with your mouse to the parent. For more details on this, review the  "Tuto-6 Advanced possibilities with HFX" tutorial.

When you're done the FX tree should look like this.

Tree HFX effect with the addition of a null object

Finally, our ultimate goal is still to animate 3D text between the catamaran sails. It will be added as a "Text3D" object. To make it more fun, let's add two Text3D objects! One object will move "forward" and other text object will move "back."

For more details on this, review the "Tip-3 Modify "Texthere" for HFX 169" and "Tuto-7 Warps, Filters and 3D Text" tutorials.

Tree Hfx effect with adding 2 objects text3D

To make things easier to follow, I suggest that you rename the objects. It is not necessary but it's easier if you need to come back later to make changes . I have circled in red the renamed objects. You will note that I didn't touch the Text3D objects that renamed themselves during the backup.

Then you load the media files, "P_CataFond", "P_Cata66" and "P_Cata12" (blue circles).

For more details on this, review the "Tuto-5 Creating effects" tutorial.

Rename objects and load the media
Step 3 : Setting the parameters of "Text3D" objects

If you're a little unsure on how to edit the "Text3D" object you can view the "Tuto-7 Warps, Filters and 3D Text" tutorial.

To have the text look the same going and coming, the two "Text3D" objects should have the same settings (font, text, quality, extrusion, and insert offset)

Here are the settings of the "Text3D" objects :

The setting of"Text3D" objects

For the side and bevels parameters, I only changed the color.

I used :

  • face : 255/255/128
  • back : 255/255/128
  • side : 215/215/0
  • bevel : 221/221/0
Step 4 : The HFX objects envelopes

Now that the objects are in place we need to animate them. So we will have to create an envelope for each item. For more details on this, review the "Tuto-5 Creating effects" tutorial.

For example, below are the envelopes that were used in the HFX effect shown at the beginning of this tutorial. Of course, they are valid only with the 3 images we used. But if you understand the principle, you can adjust the envelope yourself ...

Note: By default all keyframes are linear (unless otherwise stated).

  1. Background object : no envelope. This object does not move during the effect: X = 0, Y = 0, Z =- 5.
  2. Master object : This envelope moves the two catamarans forward.
Percentage 0 100
X 1,214 -0,924
Y 0 0
Z 0 0
  1. Boat66 object: This envelope provides a rolling motion to catamaran #66 in the wind.
Percentage 0 30 60 84 100
X 1,448 1,421 1,434 1,434 1,421
Y -0,140 -0,350 -0,155 -0,259 -0,350
Z -3,000 -3,000 -3,000 -3,000 -3,000
Rotation X
-12 0 -8 -5 0
  1. Boat12 object: This envelope provides a rolling motion to catamaran #12 in the wind.
Percentage 0 12 36 60 84 100
X -2,083 -2.041 -2,047 -2,059 -2,073 -2,083
Y 0,298 0,453 0,433 0,386 0,333 0,298
Z -3,500 -3,500 -3,500 -3,500 -3,500 -3,500
Rotation X 0 -14 -2 -4 -10 0
  1. Heroique object: This envelope advances the 3D text from right to left.
Percentage 0 66 100
X 3,090 5,903 5,903
Y 0,300 0,300 0,300
Z -3,500 -3,500 -3,500
  1. Heroique 1 object: This envelope advances the 3D text from left to right to return the text back to the center.
Percentage 0 45 78 79 (JUMP) 90 100
X -6,500 -11,500 3,520 5,225 -0,165 -0,165
Y 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200
Z -4,500 -4,500 -4,500 -3,000 -3,000 -3,000
Rotation Y
-180 -180 -180 0 0 0

You have completed the most tedious part of the tutorial, but certainly the most interesting for the proper understanding of how envelopes, keyframes and the motion of objects work.

Step 5 : Applying the HFX effect in Studio

When your project is complete, save it in Hollywood FX. But you will have to rebuild the studio album for your new effect to be visible in the Studio album. Refer to our "Install our free HFX transitions in Pinnacle Studio 9-15" tutorial or if you regularly use our files "Repare-HFX-........bat", close Hollywood FX and Studio and run the batch program that will force Studio to re-build the Studio album and add your new HFX to the album. Then use the "HFX Filter" as usual to insert it onto your timeline. (See an example of possible uses for the "HFX Filter" in the "Simulating rain (transition #245)" tutorial.

Step 6 : Bonus

If you do not understand everything, the self-extracting "Heroique.hfz" file will be available with the 3 images in a file named "Titre-3D.zip" available in the « Associated Link(s) » section below.. In order not to mix this single-use effect with the HFX effects from Declic-Video, unzip it in a special folder called "Personal". Since this effect uses objects "Text3D" you will have alarm "* ERROR: Unable to install file" on decompression, but it does not impede the proper functioning of the effect.

You may have noticed that the title didn't undulate in the breeze like the catamarans . And you would be absolutely right. But with a little luck, and as always, using only Hollywood FX and Studio, you can also . . .  here's proof:

This tutorial is a work of fiction, any resemblance to results obtained using other software, living or dead, is strictly a coincidence ...

{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}

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oldman1 By # oldman1 @ Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:46 PM
You know...I've seen the tutorial put out by 'other' softwares...but you make this look quite a bit easier in Hollywood FX. Thank you...and keep up the good work

TonyP By # TonyP @ Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:46 PM
That was pretty impressive!!! With Hero it can be done easier, but to come up with this within HFX takes more brain power than I have!

Le Papy By # Le Papy @ Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:18 AM
Thanks a lot. (I am better with Hollywood FX than speaking English...)

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