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Create a video wall with Heroglyph

Create a video wall with Heroglyph By saby - Last updated on Saturday, January 14, 2012
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Published on Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Created on Sunday, July 12, 2009 9:14 AM

I'll show you how easy it is to achieve a video wall with Heroglyph. Take a look at this video :

You can insert still pictures or animated images. These one must be in AVI format. All codecs are not supported. Content in MJPEG should be a good choice.

Beforehand, I advise you to read the tutorialsHeroglyph, the typewriter effect and Handwriting with Heroglyph
to give you in mind some of the features that we use here, but without further explanation.
Step 1 : Preparation in Studio

On the timeline insert a still image or a video and an audio background. Set the duration to 20 seconds :


Apply the video effect Heroglyph from ProDAD category :

Add Heroglyph effect

Press Edit Heroglyph, then in the opening window Edit title.

Step 2 : Selecting and inserting video wall content

In Heroglyph create a new project :

New project

In Windows Explorer select the images and videos you want to put in the wall. Make a simple drag'n'drop from the Windows Explorer to the Heroglyph preview window while keeping the left mouse button pressed. Here, for example, I choose sixteen images and videos to create a wall of 4x4 blocks :


Step 3 : Wall setting

Various changes may be made :

  • you can reposition the wall where you want it on the screen by pressing the yellow bar around the wall. The bar gets red :


  • you can stretch the wall with the yellow dots. If you stretch a point in the corner while pressing the Shift key on the keyboard, the height/width ratio of the wall is kept :


  • you can adjust the vertical and/or horizontal spacing, ie the spacing between each row or column. For that, you must catch the contours of the wall :


  • you can center horizontaly and/or vertically the wall in the image background. For this, right-click on the wall and in Arrangement, Center blocks horizontaly and/or vertically :


Let's go to the Design window :


If it is not already visible just select it to the bottom left in the See also window :

See also

In Design window you can access various settings including :

  • Glow that adds a light around the elements of the video wall. What gives this example :


    Glowing intensity can be adjusted.

  • Shadow that adds a shadow effect to the elements of the video wall. For example, like that :


    Direction, intensity, color and distance of the shadow can be modified.

  • Perspective that gives an illusion of relief to blocks :


    Color, direction and thickness of the 3D effect can be specified.

  • Contours that adds a line around each block :


    Thickness and color of the line can be modified.
Step 4 : A few animation

Add video effects during wall start, its display and its end.

Open the Effects window. If it is not already visible just select it to the bottom left in the See also window :

See laso effect

For the video illustrating the beginning of the tutorial I have chosen as fade In effect Small zoom1 :

Fade In effect

During the total display of the wall Read 1 :

Read 1

And as fade Out effect Stretch 2 :

Stretch 2

Feel free to adjust the duration of each effect if necessary. And/or to delay the effect start on the Heroglyph timeline.

It's all over ! Hit F12 to return to Studio and your video wall is operational.

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Tuesday, August 4, 2009 10:38 AM
I just finished looking over the PROdad workshop version on the weekend and now you have posted your own which for a novice like me is sooooo easy to understand !!
Your Tutorials have really helped me and I am greatful for your efforts !!

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