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A customized transition for a move

A customized transition for a move By Le Papy - Last updated on Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Category: Hollywood FX Tutorials / Examples  -  Previous tutorials
Published on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Created on Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:45 AM

If you must move out and take with you some memories video, you can take advantage of this new transition created specially for such an event. With a single effect, you can easily make the transition from your former residence and your new home. This tutorial gives you an example of use of the transition 304-moving available in our Free HFX page. It is not forbidden to show originality and use this transition according to your idea...

Step 1 : Necessary equipment

You will have to:

  • Download and install the transition 304-moving ;
  • Take in your luggage 6 files in PNG format:
    • 4 photos of your former residence;
    • 1 photo of the removal van;
    • 1 photo of your new house.
Step 2 : Preparing the Studio Timeline

Incorporation et édition de l'effet HFX dans Studio

On the video track in the timeline of Studio:

  • Drag a photo and spread it to 15 seconds representing an overview of the former residence;
  • Drag a photo and spread it to 15 seconds representing an overview of the new house;
  • Drag the transition 304-moving between two photos;
  • Double click the transition to edit it, give it a duration of 25 seconds and click the "Edit" button to open Easy FX Editor.

Note: You will not get the same result if you replace the 2 photos by videos on the video track. If you want a final clip of 30 seconds with a transition of 25 seconds, you will need two video clips of 27.5 seconds ((27.5 * 2) - 25).

Step 3 : Changing Transition Easy FX Editor

You will not have to make many changes in the tree of the transition. Simply substitute the media circled in red with your personal media.

For more details on how to change a media, visit the beginning of step 2 of our tutorial "Tip 10 - Changing the map for effect HFX 191".

As you see, you have 5 media to change. The images or videos appear in the transition ordered P_Hostvideo 3 to 6.

You do not touch Host Video 1 nor Host Video 2.

Then, in the object "Cube 6 faces" :

  • you replace P_Hostvideo 3 by your image (the first to appear after starting the rotation of the cube).
  • you replace P_Hostvideo 4 by your image (the second to appear after the beginning of the rotation of the cube).
  • you replace P_Hostvideo 5 by your image (the third to appear after the beginning of the rotation of the cube).
  • you replace P_Hostvideo 6 by your image (which will be on the top face of the cube - the moving truck).
Then, in the object "Box Base"
  • you replace P_Hostvideo 6 by the same image you just put on the face 6 of the cube (the moving truck which is in the bottom of the box).
When these substitutions have been made, click "OK" to return to Studio and finish your project.
L'arborescence de la transition
Step 4 : An example of final result

In my example, I chose to leave a great city to settle in the countryside ... but you can also do the opposite, and better yet, get installed in a paradise island.

{Thanks to Saby for the fine tuning}

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Gert Reitner By # Gert Reitner @ Wednesday, November 25, 2009 7:34 AM
Your HFX tutorials are really superb ! Thanks !!

Ibrahim Jr By # Ibrahim Jr @ Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:55 PM
I like a lot Pinnacle Studio 12 and this is my favorite tutorial! Thanks !!

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