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  3. Installation notes regarding Adorage Volume 10
  4. Recover Adorage transitions following Studio upgrade
  5. Adorage Volume 13 (or 12) - installation
  6. Install Adorage plugin in Adobe Premiere CS5.5
  7. Unlock proDAD Adorage for Pinnacle Studio
What is Adorage ?

More than 19,000 effects. High quality transitions, picture-in-picture, split screen, ... Pre-made collections for: wedding, documentation, sports, holiday, feature film, family. Kind of effects available: particle effects, lightning effects, fire and explosions, pan / zoom / rotate,smoke & fog


The Adorage Effects Package 10, 11 and latest Volume 12 are Full HD Video Effects Generation. As its name suggests, Adorage Effects Package 10 includes hundreds of video effects and transitions from previous Adorage Effects Packages, now in Full HD resolution. Adorage 10 allows editors working with HD footage the ability to have their effects and transitions in HD too. Editors working with SD footage can also take full advantage of the effects contained in Adorage Effects Package 10. proDAD has created its own high performance codec for the rendering of effects and transitions, offering 30 ~ 40 percent faster rendering over other solutions. Ado 10 also offers a new, streamlined user interface, making the application easier to use. "Adorage for Pinnacle Studio" can also be enhanced with Effects Package 10 HD effects and its enhanced interface. Adorage 11 contains global travel and flags for many new effects ! Adorage Volume 12 is a continuation of Adorage Volume 12, containing Worlwide effects, travel, main cities and much more.

It includes plug-in support for Adobe® Premiere/Pro/Elements, AVID® Liquid, Canopus® Edius, Sony® Vegas/Vegas Pro, ULead® Mediastudio, Magix Video Deluxe 15/Video Pro X NLE as well as Pinnacle Studio. With Adorage Volume 12, 64 bits is fully supported in your NLE.

Judge for yourself and have a look at the sample videos available below:


Adorage Volume 10

This package offers you a wide range of effects. All Volume 10 effects are HD. The themes are:

  • Love and weddings
  • Family memories
  • Holiday, travel and landscapes
  • Parties and events
  • Sports

Plus a vast range of effects for universal use:

  • Magic particle effects
  • Decorative frames
  • Atmospheric shapes and colours
  • Decorative zoom, scaling and rotation effects
  • Brilliant opening/closing effects for introductions or film endings

Volume 10, it's also:

  • Multicore support for superfast rendering
  • Quick & easy selection of effects (search by keywords)
  • Improved handling
  • New video filter plug-ins for a wider range of uses


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