Mercalli - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the differences between Mercalli V4 SAL+ and previous versions
  2. What are the differences between Mercalli V2 and proDAD Mercalli V3 ?
  3. What are the differences between Mercalli V2 PRO / SAL / plugins / EASY ?
  4. What are the differences between Mercalli V2 and V1
  5. Mercalli and interlacing
  6. Mercalli Light or Mercalli Expert or Mercalli V2 ?
  7. General FAQ
  8. Is proDAD Mercalli compatible with my video editing software ?
What is Mercalli ?

Mercalli lets you stabilise shaky footage in any post processing non linear digital video software. It detects and distinguishes between intended movements, such as panning or zoom shots, and unintended shocks and shakes. Whenever it detects any shake or tracking of an object, Mercalli stabilises the frame by repositioning the entire image to compensate. This reduces camera shake and smoothes the object.

Mercalli is the solution that'll ensure you'll no longer need to worry about situations where you do not have your tripod.

proDAD Mercalli sample

Mercalli is intuitive to use :

  • drag & drop the video effect onto the clip in the timeline
  • start Mercalli and select a profile
  • automatic analysis function is performed and the clip is stabilised
  • if required, further improvement may be done

Mercalli is fully automatic, but you can make specific recommendations with intuitive controls. The analysis of the video footage during processing is shown, and provides suggestions for further improvements. These features let you achieve a maximum level of stabilisation - and the best possible results. Mercalli integrates directly with your video editing solution. You can access it just like any other program filters or video effects and apply it to a video clip. No need to run imports/exports, configure codecs, etc ... It is running in real time (on fast computer). Multicore support is included as standard.

Judge by yourself and have a look to the samples video available below:

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For  Pinnacle Studio, AVID Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion 4, Corel Video Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Canopus Neo, Canopus Edius, Magix Video Pro and Deluxe :



For Pinnacle and AVID Studio, no need to have the already unlocked plugin. This new Mercalli V2 version already include the plugin unlock.


Mercalli EASY, to be used outside non linear video editing sofware: